Product Benefits

We offer all the benefits of traditional non-payment insurance, coupled with dedicated non-investment grade capacity, deep knowledge of banking products and markets, speed, and certainty of execution to deliver unparalleled service.

NPI is Silent To
The Borrower
Nonpayment insurance ("NPI") requires no involvement from the borrower and no disclosure.
Voting On Sacred
Rights Issues Only
Lender controls all amends and waivers.
Insurer consent required only for sacred rights issues. Consent relates to the policy enforceability, not to the loan itself.
Enhances Competitive Positioning
Lenders often use the product to increase commitment amount without exceeding credit limits, which improves syndicate positioning, drives left-lead underwriting mandates, and increases cross-sell revenue.
Full Transfer Of Principal Repayment Risk
Insurers indemnify the bank against non-payment of principal.
Insurers rated A- and above.
Entails full transfer of default risk to insurers.
Speed Of Commitment
Commitment within 2 weeks to facilitate internal bank credit approval.
Information requirements align with syndicate level information to streamline information exchange.
Capital Cost Savings
ARC's product achieves full substitution benefit under Basel IV and most national regulatory regimes, thereby materially reducing RWA.
The product also offers material CECL and IFRS9 provisioning savings.